LOGO01 Palagan Joglo Residence boutique guesthouse ,the finest traditional guesthouse at the north Bandung City. Give a totally different experience to stay in bandung with your family and friends.

Built in a blend of javanesse and modern architecture, relaxed athmosphere, quite and homey ambience.

It was located at the foot of  Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. Palagan Joglo Residence boutique guesthouse,  an ethnic guesthouse, with its panoramic view of  Bandung City, sorrounded by lots of culinary adventure and shopping area within a walking distance.  Palagan Joglo Residenceboutique guesthouse can be perfect place for any occasions. enjoy the fresh air at nothern bandung, feel the tropical traditional athmosphere.

For event and gathering, we also cater the menus according to your preferences and budget to meet your needs, yet to exceed the expectations of our valued customers.

Finally, Management and staff of  Palagan Joglo Residence boutique guesthouse welcome you to have a pleasant stay with us.


Best regards,
The Management